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Inside Sales Carpet Graphics

February 13, 2019Category : News Uncategorized

Pathways To a Successful Event Anyone who has ever organized or been to an event knows the importance of wayfinding. What better way to direct attendees than laying down the path directly at their feet? Inside Sales saw that as the clear choice, and it looked great! They used one path to direct guests to the..

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Falcon Board

January 31, 2019Category : News Uncategorized

A Touch of Texture Elements with a textured look can have a big impact on your displays, something eye-catching to add character to your booth or event. That’s where products like our falcon board come in handy. This rigid material still gives you a board-like look, even though it’s extremely lightweight. We have constructed many..

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Convention Center

December 4, 2018Category : Uncategorized

Branding Across the Nation There are tons of convention centers across the United States. Each of them constantly being used for different types of events and shows. Fusion has been lucky enough to have been involved in events at dozens of convention centers across the nation! In doing so we have conducted countless site surveys and..

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Festival of Trees

November 29, 2018Category : Uncategorized

The Season of Giving The Festival of Trees has become an annual holiday fundraiser for Intermountain Healthcare Children’s Hospital. A charity that has been around for almost 50 years that continually uses the goodwill of many giving people to help provide better care for children in medical need. Last year they raised $2.7 Million during..

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Seychelles beMatrix Booth – Exhibit Houses

September 11, 2018Category : Uncategorized

SEG Experts Being a preferred print partner for beMatrix, we can give you an edge when it comes to building and skinning booths. A great example is the booth featured below. We worked with Exhibit Potential to build this booth for their client Seychelle and it turned out great! You can see highlights of the beautiful booth..

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Seychelle beMatrix SEG Booth

September 11, 2018Category : Uncategorized

Boutique Booth As a preferred print partner of beMatrix, we help skin a lot of really cool booths. A recent booth for Seychelle’s we worked on uses beMatrix frames and SEG graphics to create the look of a retail store – and it achieves it well! It pairs beautiful graphics with a smart design to..

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EMS 2018

May 7, 2018Category : Uncategorized

Unique Printing Techniques Once in a while, we get the opportunity to try something new, just because we can. The new printing techniques we have used for EMS 2018 are a perfect example. The Experiential Marketing Show on May 14th is the perfect opportunity for us to show off some new uses we have for traditional..

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Three Things We Learned From Exhibiting

April 16, 2018Category : Uncategorized

Three Things We’ve Learned From Exhibiting You can pick up valuable information from spending time on the show floor. We sat back and evaluated the shows we have attended the past few years and put together a list of the three things we have done right. Based on client interaction and approval here are three..

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Flash Branding

March 21, 2018Category : Uncategorized

Occasionally, you will have activations that will only last one day – or less!  Activations like this can easily utilize our Flash Branding solutions!                                                        What is Flash Branding?..

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Qualtrics 2018

March 20, 2018Category : Uncategorized

QUALTRICS 2018 The latest Qualtrics event is in the books! It was an exciting project this year that turned out looking great. This year, Qualtrics held their event in a new venue – The Salt Palace. Like with any event, taking over a venue and making it your own can pose a real challenge. However,..

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