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Three Things We Learned From Exhibiting

April 16, 2018Category : Uncategorized

Three Things We’ve Learned From Exhibiting

You can pick up valuable information from spending time on the show floor. We sat back and evaluated the shows we have attended the past few years and put together a list of the three things we have done right. Based on client interaction and approval here are three things you need to do for your next trade show.

  • Let The Client Discover The Product

People don’t want to be told something – they want to discover something. When a client heads to a trade show they are looking for the latest, most innovative and updated tech in their industry. It’s crucial to show up with something new and exciting to draw attention to your company. Often there are free advertising opportunities for new products that can greatly enhance traffic to your booth.

  • Utilize “Hands-On” Displays

We saw a huge swing in the success of our booth from 2017 to 2018 by providing a hands-on opportunity with our new products.  In 2017 we didn’t have any hands-on displays and in 2018 we had at least 5 stations for interaction. More than just displaying the products, we designed the booth so that customers could touch, feel and try the new products for themselves.  Nothing draws more attention to your booth than customers using the products, making comments and smiling.  Give your customers the opportunity to experience your products for themselves and they quickly recruit their friends and colleagues.

  • Have Multiple Strategic Selling Points

This is important especially if you are bringing a big team to the show. Create separate areas in your booth that allows several conversations to happen at the same time.  We had a staff of 8+ at one point in a 20×20 space, and because we had several selling stations…we weren’t bumping into each other the entire time.  We’ve found that the more time a potential client spends in our booth, the better. We had an unspoken rotation that allowed each sales rep to start the story wherever they were standing, and as we all rotated around the booth – we could give our potential customers the best experience.

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If you want to learn more about how you can better prepare for your next trade show don’t hesitate to ask us. We would love to explore creative options for you to unlock your tradeshow potential!


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