Examples of our Work

A Touch of Texture

Elements with a textured look can have a big impact on your displays, something eye-catching to add character to your booth or event. That’s where products like our falcon board come in handy. This rigid material still gives you a board-like look, even though it’s extremely lightweight. We have constructed many different elements out of this product from tradeshow booths to signs and wayfinding. We are even using it on our Exhibitor Booth this year!

At CES by AgencyEA, we used falcon board to construct an outdoorsy, rustic feel for the event. The wayfinding at this event looks like it is built out of wood, however, it’s actually just printed falcon board. The directional arch is a mix between falcon board and Formz frames wrapped in tension fabric with a stone pattern. It is a very creative way to utilize our capabilities to establish the tone you are looking for at an event.

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