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March 21, 2018Category : Uncategorized

Occasionally, you will have activations that will only last one day – or less!  Activations like this can easily utilize our Flash Branding solutions!


What is Flash Branding?

Flash branding is what we call branding for short term activations. This would be events that are a smaller scale or need to be up and down within the day. For example, DOMO has a ski day at the end of their DOMOPALOOZA at Snowbird Ski Resort. They only brand the resort for the day and by the end of it, everything is removed. For this activation, we used feather flags, banners, window graphics, and column wraps to quickly and effectively brand the space for the day. 

Why Flash Branding?

Flash Branding can change your single day event from plain to impressive. Thanks to high-quality and cost-effective graphics, you can impress your attendees and leave a lasting impression. Look at how much of a difference some little but memorable Flash Branding Solutions can have on an event. No matter what the event is or how long it is up for, branding is a necessity. It is always better to have it than not – even for just a day! 

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