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Design with the end in mind

Large events foster human interaction and provide an engaging experience for both stakeholders and potential customers. These events offer a necessary and alluring customer touchpoint which cultivates healthy business relationships. Large events also generate a ton of waste– “over 600,000 tons of trash each year” to be exact. That’s why at Fusion our sustainability mission is two-fold: to find innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and allow powerful storytelling to get the most out of your sustainability efforts.

Sustainability doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a journey that requires you to continually evaluate your current products and services and then evolve those business practices to best fit your sustainability goals. Wherever you are on your journey to sustainability Fusion is committed to creating a partnership centered around sustainability and social responsibility.

We have adopted the approach of Good-Better-Best and want to acknowledge that ANY improvement is a move in the right direction. We are devoted to facilitating your transformation from “good” practices to “best” practices by providing you with products that are better for the environment, and then helping you craft a powerful story around your sustainability and social efforts. 

By recognizing that there are a set of “good” practices to follow you are already taking the first step in your journey. These “good” practices may include working with a vendor to choose alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly. Examples would be using fabrics that are made from recycled materials. Switching from 3M180 to 3M480 which is made up of less chemicals reducing VOC emissions. Making the switch from gator board to falcon board which is a foam board alternative made primarily from renewable forest resources and is completely recyclable.   

The next step is to become “better”. Realizing the importance of sustainability is only the first step, the next step is to implement sustainable practices into the core of your company’s business practices. This is where we help find solutions that match your goals and where planning with the end in mind is extremely important.

The last step, and “best” practice, is when you have prioritized social and sustainable efforts and now have something to communicate to your stakeholders. Whether it be facts or statistics there should be tangible proof you are being authentic in your efforts.  The stories you create around your efforts will help to create a set of shared values that foster a sense of community and provide everyone with a shared vision. 

Material choices can improve the overall impact on the environment and some alternatives can be completely recycled. While not all materials are one hundred percent recyclable, we are working on ways to extend the life of graphic products. Even when a material has fulfilled a specific purpose that doesn’t mean that it can’t be repurposed and avoid its fate of ending up in the landfill.  That is why we have created Nextcycle™ where we are removing waste from the landfill and helping send a message that we can all make a difference. We take used graphics and convert them into products like bags, totes, backpacks, etc. We like to view this as an “extended-loop” option where vinyl and fabrics are converted into products that can live beyond the initial intended use. Where this year’s graphics become next year’s SWAG bag, a backpack for underprivileged school kids or toiletry bags filled with products to help those less fortunate. This requires forward thinking and designing with the end in mind.

Now more than ever, there is a growing importance on social responsibility. We are seeing a powerful intersection where sustainability and social impact complement each other. Imagine graphics that are nextcycled into products that are gifted to charitable organizations that match your social goals as a company! Not only are you keeping materials out of the landfill – they continue to live as products that help others. We are committed to finding innovative solutions for our partners that help them achieve their ESG goals.

We are excited about the future and our ability to make the world a better place. Let us help you on this journey!

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