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Face Shields for COVID-19

May 18, 2020Category : Blog Classic Left News
Face Shields for COVID-19

A Pivot to Help with COVID-19

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We are incredibly proud of the Fusion Team and their ability to pivot during these challenging times with COVID-19. The Fusion Event Team was in the middle of installing the New York City Half Marathon when they were told to pull the project due to the Coronavirus. Shortly after, the entire nation was gripped by the news of how quickly this was spreading and the immediate reaction of closing businesses to create social distancing.

After coming up with a plan to keep employees safe, the Fusion Team went to work trying to figure out a way to help with the pandemic and to keep their staff employed. Several ideas were discussed over a weekend and in one day prototypes were built and shipped to potential customers. Within 2 days those prototypes turned into one of the biggest pivots Fusion Imaging has ever done. Overnight, we became a Face Shield manufacturer.

To date, Fusion has sold almost 2 million face shields! One of the best things to come from this was the day we received photos from doctors in NYC (the same place we were installing an event just weeks earlier) wearing face shields we had produced. We’re proud to say that we became part of a solution to help those in need.

This just goes to show that talent and hard work pay off. When faced with the choice to hunker down and let things blow over or get up and figure something out…we’re proud to say we fought back and we’re still continuing that fight each day as we help the world get back to “normal.”

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