Examples of our Work

Stadium Solutions

Upper Deck Wraps


If you are in need of an upper deck wrap, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Stadium Seat Belts

Our Stadium Seat Belts are designed to provide the social distancing you’ll need by rendering the seat unusable but provide the branding to promote your team. These inexpensive belts are made for indoor and outdoor stadiums and can be easily installed by event staff. Work with sponsors and change as often as needed.

Multi-Seat Covers

Our Multi-Seat Covers are great for blocking sets of seats, ie. 4 or 6. These easy-to-install vinyl covers are great for team/sponsor branding and can help with your social distancing efforts.

Restroom Solutions

In addition to our seat reduction systems we’ve been asked to provide solutions for social distancing in restrooms. Our brand-able urinal blockers are the perfect solution and can provide advertising opportunities for the stadium beverage sponsor. These are made from styrene and easily attach to the tile wall with a 3M adhesive tape.

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