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Natural History Museum of Utah

This Is One For The History Books

Fusion Imaging has experience doing work for museums. So it comes to designing museum graphics it’s not too much different than an exhibit or event. Check out what we did for the Natural History Museum in Utah.

We’ve Got Experience Making History

Fusion produced the printed graphics that are displayed throughout the entire
Utah Museum of Natural History that recently opened in Salt Lake City. As a
strategic partner to the museum, Fusion produced the massive murals, printed
acrylic and wood panels, pressure sensitive graphics and wallpapers displayed
around every corner of the new facility.

We love working with our local community to bring something like this together. Our ability to find solutions allows us to offer creative pieces other companies can’t. That is one of the many things that sets us apart from the competition. Not all printers are cut from the same fabric, and it shows in the final product!

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