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Exhibitor Live! 2018

It’s almost time for Exhibitor Live! 2018. We have some BIG news for the upcoming show too. There are some exciting new products coming out for the Exhibitor New Product Showcase. These two new elements are simple additions but carry revolutionary change. We have new Klik SEG Frames that can reduce your set up and take-down rate by up to 75%. A total game changer when it comes to SEG frames and their simplicity. We have also introduced a completely new like of Klik elements. The first of these products is our Klik Magic Podium. It is something you will have to see to believe!

Klik™ Magic Podium

We are very excited to introduce the Klik Magic Podium at Exhibitor. Anyone who has seen it has been completely blown away, I have a feeling you will be too! Now, a good magician never reveals their tricks, but just this once we can show you how it works. When compressed, the podium is only 4″ tall, making storage simple. Then, with incredible ease, you simply pull up. The magnets in the hinges ‘Klik’ together and once you put the top on and the shelf in, you have yourself a podium. Set-up in seconds! This is a total game changer when it comes to setting up your exhibit.

Klik™ SEG NO TOOLS Frame System

In order to minimize the time you spend putting SEG frames together, we have taken our Klik magnetic frames a step further. Our new, innovative SEG Klik Corner is 75% faster to assemble now that we have gone ahead and completely eliminated the need for tools during assembly. With Klik Connectors simply slide into place and you have a durable SEG frame, simple as that. No fumbling with screws and bolts, just simply ‘Klik’ the corners together! Check out the video below to see this assembly in action. The support feet for free standing frames also attach with NO TOOLS!

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