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2017 Exhibitor Live Booth

Our Exhibitor Live booth this year was a sight to behold! It was masterfully designed and crafted in our shop and did its job of grabbing attention at the show. We incorporated modern design and clean lines to showcase a variety of materials and techniques. We really got to have some fun on this one, we used Falcon board to make there appear to be a wood finish on part of the booth. It ended up looking so real that people would come up and touch it to find out if it’s actually wood or not! That wasn’t even the hight light of the booth either. It featured 6 different types of lighting options, from the backlit ceiling to the edge lighting that made our logo pop. Believe it or not, we didn’t stop there! We also incorporated our trademarked Klik™ magnetic tradeshow technology as well as some hardscape elements. If you missed this awesome booth at the show you can still check out the pictures below.

We had a great time at Exhibitor Live this year, it was a great show as always. There is no better place to show off our wide array of capabilities to all who stop by. Not to mention show off our sweet booth! Check out the gallery below for more pictures of our booth this year – and from everyone at Fusion, thanks to those who stopped by!

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