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Preparing for Your Trade Show

It’s no secret that trade shows come with pressure. They are stressful to prep for and can even be stressful to attend. One area though doesn’t need to be as difficult as some may make it. That is the booth, arguably the most important part of your show. If you don’t show up with a good booth you will not generate ROI from the show. With a better booth, you get a better turnout from the show. So to make a real impact, and ease the stress of trade shows, you need to perfect the booth. We have compiled a list of the top 3 ways for you to maximize your trade show presence, not surprisingly, they all go back to your booth.

Explore some of our creative booth ideas!


                                 20×20                                                         10×20                                                                10×10 

The Top 3 Things to Know Before Your Trade Show

1.Get the Client Involved – Having a prospective client interact with you in a memorable way can be invaluable. This can warm them up and they will be much more receptive to your follow up after the show. Which in turn boosts ROI and is obviously good for business. We know how to get people involved in the booth and your company, from Ipads, demos, or TV’s. Anything hands on is the idea you are looking for. Creating a positive memory on the first interaction with a prospective client is crucial to forging a long lasting business relationship with them.

2. Have a Booth Unique to Your Brand – Your brand is unique! Your brand is different, it comes with a totally different group and culture than the company next to you at the trade show. So why would you want the same booth as them? Paying for a rental booth or just skimping on a booth all together can be the worst thing to do at a trade show. Stand out from the competition at the show, a custom booth will help tell the story of your brand. Now you will catch the eyes of people walking by and you will Get Noticed!

3. Plan Ahead – Whether it’s your booth or your show plan you need to be prepared. If you fall short of this step you will fall short of all the rest. You will have a lot on your plate to account for but won’t have to worry about your booth. When you come to Fusion we make sure to take care of everything to maximize your trade show effectiveness. Everything we do is fully customizable so won’t show up with the same booth as anyone else. 

Trade shows can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. You can easily remove a large portion of that stress. Let us create a booth that will turn your trade show from stressful to lucrative. Contact us today to learn more about how we can specifically help you get ready for your upcoming trade show.