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Qualtrics 2018

The latest Qualtrics event is in the books! It was an exciting project this year that turned out looking great. This year, Qualtrics held their event in a new venue – The Salt Palace. Like with any event, taking over a venue and making it your own can pose a real challenge. However, Qualtrics really had no issue branding the venue in a unique and memorable way (thanks to some awesome graphics!). 

Before walking in you were greeted with massive branding on the “Salt Shaker.” We’ve branded these large pillars before with window graphics, Qualtrics wanted to be different and instead of just doing the windows, they also had us put adhesive graphics on the mullions between the windows as well! Something no one else had done at this venue. The extra wrap gave a cohesive look to the branding of the salt shaker.

This event was full of great branding decisions. Qualtrics saw the opportunity to brand where others didn’t. For example, the hanging directional signs that they placed over the existing way-finding at the venue. This allowed them to completely rename the rooms and areas in the building without confusing guests with the conflicting names the Salt Palace uses. This gave Qualtrics the opportunity to completely control the event space. It’s really the little things that can make the difference when it comes to taking over a venue. Even our articulated walls helped give the rooms they occupied an extra POP. Elements that draw attention are always a great addition to any event. 

By the time our graphics had been installed, with the help of some scenic elements from our partner 3Sixty, the venue looked like it was made for Qualtrics. It is always fun to transform a venue like this, when it comes to events it’s what we do best. Our solutions can make your event unforgettable and we are always willing to push the limits and try new things! From stair riser graphics to giant window wraps, to way-finding signs and hanging elements, we have your event branding needs covered.

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