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2014 NYC Marathon

New Sponsor – New Look

How do you change the look of a marathon when truss is the main structural support system?  The challenge presented to Fusion was to give the marathon a new look for a brand new sponsor.  Fusion Imaging created new structures to replace the typical boxy truss system that completely re-imagined how a marathon looks from start to finish.

Previous Look and Sponsor

There isn’t much you can do to change the way you use graphics on truss systems.  We show these photos because this is the “typical” approach to marathon graphics.  It’s always good to see the “before and after” on a project this size.

Proposed Design

With our ability to manufacture custom aluminum structures – a marathon has never looked so different! Gone are the boxy banners hanging on truss systems. The finish line was truly a photographer’s bliss with a bold, curvy look that really helped the new sponsor stand out and gave the entire marathon a needed facelift.

Completed Project

Talk about a complete transformation! It’s amazing what custom structures can do to make a complete departure from the typical “truss” system. Fusion Imaging created a truly spectacular start and finish to the marathon. The result was amazing, with the sponsor thrilled. Because of this, we have become family with the NYC Marathon group due to this massive spectacular and great reviews!


The entire project was printed and manufactured in our facility in Utah. We are known for our custom capability and also our ability to replicate color consistency required for a project this size.

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