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GWAVA Testimonial

Case Study: Reducing Costs for Trade Events

One thing we absolutely love here at Fusion Imaging is hearing about our customer’s stories. When we get a testimonial we can’t help but share them. There is nothing better than hearing a satisfied client be so happy with their end product. It always makes for the best stories. Below is a letter from GWAVA talking about their trade show experiences. Check it out!

GWAVA Testimonial

GWAVA is a leader in the email archiving and security software market. We attend several tradeshows a year in which we must have a large presence on a shoestring budget. Our goal, when we set out to construct a new booth, was to reduce our overall show expenses. We targeted four areas for expense reduction which were booth cost, shipping, drayage, and installation and dismantle labor. We only knew of one way to make this happen and that was with aluminum structures with a stretched fabric covering. We wanted to work with a company that we could trust and who we knew would deliver an awesome finished product.

In past years, GWAVA spent a considerable amount of money on renting booths for shows in which our exhibit space was larger than 10×20. The pains we had working with local vendors were beyond description. We dealt with late delivery dates, understaffed installation and dismantle personnel, forgotten parts and wrong-size graphics. If you can think of an excuse, we heard it.

We looked at several vendors and options for our new booth. We picked Fusion Imaging for our project based on past work we had done together. We knew they would meet our goals if they said they could. And most importantly, we knew we could trust them.

With the average company spending upwards of $125 per square foot to build a new trade show booth, we had to change our way of thinking. Our goal was to build a booth with Fusion Imaging that would reduce our overall yearly expense by 50% or more. With our first booth, we were able to reduce our booth cost by 45%. By our second show with a 30×40 booth space, we had reduced our overall booth expense by nearly 70% compared to our previous years’ booth rentals.

Shipping and drayage were our number two and three items to reduce. By reducing the size and weight of our shipments with the lightweight aluminum frames and fabric coverings, we were able to ship our 30×40 booth to 2 crates. Our overall shipping costs were reduced by 37% and we reduce drayage by 31%.

Our fourth area of focus was the cost of installation and dismantling. In past shows, we have been able to fly employees into the show early or use local internal staff for our booth labor. This usually costs us as much and maybe more than a professional crew, and it takes us a lot more time to set the booth up for the show. With our new booth, we were able to keep our installation costs to a very minimal amount compared to industry standards.

We would like to thank Fusion Imaging for producing an awesome product and helping us reduce our overall cost on our trade shows. Your staff was great and the product you delivered was amazing.

Thank you,


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