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Fabric & Vinyl Banners For Your Next Event

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners can play a huge role when it comes to any event. Our full-color banners are printed on 13 oz vinyl, which is rated for indoor and outdoor use and can come with RF Welded hems and grommets. They are completely customizable which makes them ideal for any occasion you might need them for. It could be a business event or something as small as a birthday or graduation party! We have so many of these banners come through our shop that over time we have come to perfect the production process. It is to the point that production time is short enough to meet almost any deadline! This only adds to the versatility of this product! If you walk away from Fusion with a vinyl banner, you will walk away happy.

Fabric Banners

Now if you are going for a more finished, high-end look then a well-made fabric banner is the solution for you. Our fabric banners standard finishing comes with pole pockets and hems. They are just as versatile as the above-mentioned vinyl yet carry a more distinguished and classy look. If you are going for the top quality banner fabric is the way to go. Fabric banners also come in full color as well as fully customizable obviously. Fabric is a solid alternative to vinyl but it all comes down to the type of event and the appearance you are trying to put off.

When it comes down to it, whether you are hosting a birthday or a corporate event, banners are the perfect way to get your message across. Whether you are going for the cost effective vinyl or the high-end looking fabric, Fusion Imaging has your solution. Contact us today for pricing and more options on your banner solutions.

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