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Exhibitor 2016

Klik™ is a HIT!

Exhibitor Live 2016 was a huge success for Fusion Imaging.  This year’s exhibit featured more uses for our Klik™ Magnetic Display System and featured some serious modularity! We use Klik™ in almost every display we do and with some creative, up-front planning – it does some really cool stuff.  You’ll also notice our dye-sub printed flooring that turned out great and gave a very rich look to our outdoor, high adventure theme.  The cool light-box feature was also a draw and opened the eyes of many to a new use for light-boxes.

We had a ton of people stop by the booth that asked the question, “What is Klik?” – check out the demo we did hundreds of times.  Once you see how easy Klik™ makes things – we know you’ll be a believer in our system as well.

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