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Delivering a Bundle of Creative Solutions

When our affiliate Elk Grove Graphics put a job involving storks and light poles at our doorstep, we knew we were going to have to deliver something special. Since this was so out-of-the-ordinary, you can imagine that it tested our abilities to come up with a workable solution. A lot went into this job, from conception to installation, and we got the opportunity to show off our ability to solve problems with our creative solutions.

Nesting Creativity

The first major question that needed answering was figuring out what kind of material these storks needed to be made of. The material needed to be something that could print well and withstand the elements. A temporary material wouldn’t work so we ended up choosing a material we don’t use often – Komacel. It stands up to the elements, prints well, and has enough mass to allow for durable mounting.

The next question of how to mount these properly meant that it needed to be more than just double-stick adhesive. A bolted mounting method was built into the design, and with some clever routing and machining – the two storks worked as a sort-of clamp. Originally, the client wanted the storks to mount to the top of the light pole, however, that was difficult to achieve due to wind and material issues. After some brainstorming, we suggested that they put the stork closer to the middle of the pole and the client agreed, since it would be easier to see while in the parking lot.

Overall the job was a huge success and our creative solutions easily provided what the client had hoped for, not to mention they came in less expensive than the competition. This was a unique job that allowed our team to shine with a solution that met the timeline and budget.  We love to show off our creative side, so if you have a crazy idea – don’t be afraid to ask us! Check out the gallery below to see more pictures of this unique project.

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