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Klik SEG Frame

January 23, 2018Category : News

Klik™ SEG Frame – NO TOOLS!!!

We constantly strive to improve our products as much as possible. Klik™ has come a long way since its conception, and now it takes yet another step forward. Klik™ has simplified a lot of our products and now Klik™ has allowed us to make SEG frames that require NO TOOLS!!!

If you have ever assembled a regular SEG frame you know it’s a painstaking process that takes a considerable amount of time. We set out to solve that problem and our Klik™ technology has done just that. By putting magnets in the frames we have eliminated the need for screws and cut down the assembly time by up to 75%. If you don’t believe us check out this comparison video below!

Our new 4″ and 7″ frame extrusion also allow for beautiful backlit applications.

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