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Hamilton New Nation Library Exhibit

January 22, 2018Category : News
Hamilton New Nation Library Exhibit

The New Nation Library Exhibit

Some of the most interesting jobs we do are museum-type exhibits. Our most recent example of such is the New Nation Library exhibit. The New Nation Exhibit at the state capitol contains fascinating accounts of the stories kept by Utahns. The exhibit was created on the premise that Utahns are great at documenting their lives. They have compiled some incredible stories and works of art to highlight some impressive Utahn stories. The exhibit includes captivating works of art such as photo collages, family history sculptures, and even Hmong story cloths. 

The exhibit draws you in to make you feel as though you are watching the history depicted unfold in front of your eyes. One example of the exhibit is a story of Motoki Yatabe and Mitsue Ozeki. The two fell in love in the Topaz internment camp in the 1940’s. Motoki was recruited by the army a short time after as a translator but he never forgot Mitsue. He would continually write her to tell her how much he missed her. The story of Motoki Yatabe and Mitsue Ozeki give you a powerful glimpse into the life and hardships of Japanese-Americans at that time. 

Between heart-wrenching stories of separated lovers and stories about the Hmong people sewing story cloths to make a living for their families, there is plenty of captivating material at the exhibit. If you can make it to the exhibit you should, this is something you do not want to miss out on. If you can’t we have included a gallery for you to see the work we did and get a glimpse of the exhibit.

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Fusion’s Contribution

For this exhibit, ThomasArts asked us to provide the printed material. At first, the plan was to go with a gatorboard solution for all of the freestanding materials. However, we thought that wouldn’t be the best solution for a couple reasons. First off, it’s a high traffic area so it is already at risk for getting bumped and toppled. With that in mind, also with the fact that schools are constantly taking field trips to the capitol, we recommended a fabric solution instead. We ended up wrapping fabric around SEG type frames. This way you can’t really break the freestanding elements, it’s easy to clean, and it was a cost-effective solution. 


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