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CGI America 2015

July 13, 2015Category : News

CGI America 2015

CGI America in Denver was a fantastic event! Fusion Imaging’s partnership with the Clinton’s Events is a perfect example of the event services we provide.  Each year CGI is held at different locations across the country and Fusion Imaging is there to transform these locations into well branded events.  We print and manufacture all of the branded pieces, install/remove on site and inventory all of the components.  Fusion Imaging also provides staff on location to oversee the installation and removal – ensuring that any issues get addresses immediately.

Events always seem to have something go wrong and this year was no exception.  The truck transporting graphics didn’t tie-down some of the materials and damaged a large portion of flat printed graphics.  The great thing is that with our on-site staff, the issue was noticed early enough to have everything reprinted and shipped on time.  We understand that issues come up – but that’s what makes us great!  We’ve been anticipating these kinds of issues for years and when Fusion is a part of your event team…we take care of them and see that your event goes off without a hitch!

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